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Ken is a certified counselor with Prepare-Enrich and uses their materials. PREPARE/ENRICH is the leading relationship inventory and skill-building program used nationally and internationally. It is built on a solid research foundation and significantly improves a couple's relationship. PREPARE/ENRICH is custom tailored to a couple's relationship and provides couple exercises to build their relationship skills.

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Why Premarital Counseling
Is Important?

Communication skills are strengthened.

Many people are not born with the skill to effectively listen and hear what another person has to say. Couples who learn how to communicate well together have a much better time tackling the many issues that a good marriage must deal with.

It is an opportunity to explore each others Spiritual beliefs.

This can be a big issue to some, but not necessarily to others. Differing spiritual beliefs have the potential of causing problems and major disagreements with regards to practice, beliefs, children, etc.

Role Expectations Discussed.

Who will be doing what in the marriage will be discussed. This can apply to finances, chores, sexual intimacy and more. It's important to have an open and honest discussion on what you expect from the other in all of these areas.

Conflict Resolution Skills Discussed.

The truth is, conflict and arguments will come up in any marriage. Therefore it is of the utmost importance to know how to handle conflict when it arises. There are ways to diffuse the conflict that are very effective and can actually decrease the time spent in argument. Research shows that couples who know how to to handle conflict are much more likely to not divorce.

An Opportunity to Develop Goals.

Pre-marital counseling can be an opportunity to develop personal and family goals. Your investment towards one another is a long term investment so why not explore what your future together will look like.

The Cost.

The cost is $150.00 for three one hour sessions.

These are just a few reasons to invest three short sessions in pre-marital counseling. I'm sure you will be blessed for doing so. If you would like too, simply click the yes option if you fill out the form and desire the services of Pastor Ken. May God bless you as you prepare for this important event in your lives.

If you are interested in Ken's Pre-marital Counseling services as a skilled counselor or Offiiciant Services and would like a free consultation with Pastor Ken Birks, please fill out the form below

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